Geothermal & Green Building Directory

In this green building & renewable energy directory, we will publish interesting and useful resources about Geothermal Energy, heat pumps, energy efficient construction, solar PV panels, green and metal roofing, energy conservation, etc. If you know of a good green building or alternative energy resource, please submit it for inclusion in our directory, using the comments / feed back box below.

Geothermal Energy: – complete resource of geothermal information. Learn how geothermal energy works, how to choose and size your geothermal heat pump, how to design and optimize the ground source heating system and how much a geothermal energy system will cost you, compared to conventional oil or gas heating system.

Geothermal energy info at DOE – US Department of Energy’s Geothermal resource.

Alternative / Renewable Energy

Alternative Energy Sources – Directory of renewable and alternative energy sources including PV solar panel systems, small wind turbines, ground source heat pumps and geothermal heating and cooling, air source exchange pumps, and emerging energy efficient technologies.

LED Lighting – Eco Friendly Lights – Consumer guide to benefits of residential LED light bulbs, and commercial LED lighting solutions. Provides basics of LEDs, covering pros and cons of LED lighting, and includes directory of LED lighting manufacturers.

Green Building:

Triumph Green Buildings – Triumph modular specializes in green modular buildings, mobile offices, and portable storage containers. The company designs and builds custom modular schools, and medical facilities designed for human health and comfort. Provides temporary and permanent relocatable buildings for preschool education facilities, medical offices, and commercial construction projects.

Tree Hugger – arguably the most popular green blog, that covers everything form solar panels, to sustainable living and everything in between. While TreeHugger used to be an independent green blog, but it has been recently purchased by National Geographic, but still maintained it’s green identity (except for excessive advertisement).

Green Jobs:

Green jobs ready – find exciting new job listings in the green sector – renewable energy, solar, wind, Bio-Diesel  / Ethanol and other alternative energy professions.

Green Building and Alternative Energy Directories:

Alternative Energy Directory – Find PV solar panel kits, grid tie and off greed solar power systems, wind turbines for domestic and commercial projects, ground source heating system installers, and renewable energy companies.